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REMEMBER: There is no membership fee, you only pay for your wine!

We offer a 2 Bottle Membership and a 3 Bottle Membership 3 times a year:

                            February, June, and October

You will be notified in advance of the wines that will be released and the total amount. We do not take any payments online. We can add a card to your file or you can pay when you come in to pick up your wines. If you are an out of state wine club member, we will contact you prior to shipping to insure the selections and payment is correct. The wine selections are chosen by the winemaker and will always be our finest wines! You are also permitted to change your selection if you do not like what the new release will be. Each release we throw a Wine Club Release Party & Potluck. It is an event only for our wine club members. We hope to see you there!

Wine Club Members also receive 10% off wine purchases throughout the year

Wine Club Members have first reservations on events and Club Members will be invited to private events.



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